Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Eye Of Thundera, Give Me Sight Beyond Sight

Seraphim and Virgin With are two bands I've gotten into by reccomendations from friends and I'm very grateful my eyes have been opened to these bands.  I buy records from bands I like that I've checked out previously on MP3 format and some money left over in my paypal account left over from recycling old phones allowed me to order these when I got a couple of others from Free Cake Records.

This Virgin Witch record I thought was going to come on black but turns out it was on grey with a screen printed B-side.  I've said it before but touches like this are what make vinyl truly the best music format.  The cover is also silver screen printed, you've got to love that screen print smell, it's art school nostalgia.

Songs For Burning Lovers

Burning Love - Don't Ever Change b/w Jack The Ripper [Deranged]
I've got a lttle love affair going on with Burning Love, I knew they'd be awesome as their vocalist Chris has a solid back catalogue but when Santa Karla played with them back in December '09 they blew my mind.  So damn tight and powerful on stage, I ordered all the colours of the demo 7" on TDON prior to that show, I'm up to 9 pieces of wax right now.  This 7" is a sampler for their new LP on Deranged Records out of Canada entitled 'Songs For Burning Lovers' with a B-side of a Nick Cave song.  It's on regular black and a blue/white mix, the labels for each colour are different colour variations also which is a little different as the only colour change is normally the vinyl itself.  Good touch lads.  Really looing forward to the full length even more now. 

Got A Number Thirteen Tattooed On My Neck

Withdrawal - Unknown Misery
Withdrawal are tight, Canadian holy terror.  I ordered this from the band a while back and threw in for a shirt at the same time to make the postage worth my while, I got a mail from Adam in the band saying they ran out of my size, it's happened to me with my band on more than one occasion so I was willing to wait for the next batch.  I also got chatting to him about a bunch of random shit, turns out we;re both not complete douchebags and are actually nice dudes.  Fast forward to this week and after an email letting me know they found my shirt in my size I received the 7" along with a short story by Adam with a little note apologising for the delay, all I can say is the record is well worth waiting for, the artwork is stellar, music heavy as sin and there's the obligatory Process logo on the record label.  Seek this out if you dare.

Yo Listen Up, This Is Another Lockin Out Exlusive...

The Wrong Side - Dumptruck Demo [Trip Machine Laboratories]
I posted a week or so about The Wrong Side, before I scored that LP I put a pre-order in for the Dumptruck demo, it was one of those whee you order so long before it comes out you forget it's coming until it slips in through the old letterbox. I didn't go all out and get the black wax too but managed to score one of the 150 on clear green. It's the Dumptruck demo on side A and a live set on side B.
I got number 85, makes a change to get something limited, good to see a label stamping their records and individually numbering pre-orders.  Delivery came with a bunch of stickers too, standard.