Friday, 3 September 2010

Integrity - Those Who Fear Tomorrow (repress) [Organized Crime]

Micha!  This is the big one I've been waiting for, the Organized Crime repress of Integrity's first full length.  I posted a while back about the 'In Contrast Of Sin' repress, I missed out on all three colours for that one and as such, I missed out on the cool extras that came with it, this time I was determined to get the whole lot.  I think I succeeded quite well.  The record comes on three different colours, if you ordered all three at the same time and were one of the first 100 pre-orders then you get an envelope with a bunch of old flyers which is stamped on the front.  That in itself is pretty awesome and adds a personal touch.
The black swirl vinyl came with a black and silver Stephen Kasner cover which is his own interpretation of the Francis Bacon original artwork much the same as the previous repress, mine was numbered number 28 rather than being one of the final 50 like before.  Score.  
Here's the jammy part, as my order was number 28, I was part of the first 30 which means I got a Kasner sketch edition.  Basically he did a quick sketch of the umbrella dude on the inside of the cover and signed it, turns out I can be lucky now and again.
For proof there was a laminated card inside telling you that you are basically a winner.
Dwid has updated the artwork inside and out, all of the text is done with that cool invisible ink that he seems to like using these days, some of the text, like on the front,  so it's a more glossy effect to the background.  The other text you can only see by holding it against the light, I tried to get it to show up in a picture but it is bloody hard to represent.  For example this snap I took of the inside of the gatefold has the skull behind the lyrics, you should probably buy a copy if you want to see it properly.
The back cover came out a little better.
The pink and swirl records both have stamps on the white bags too, I can't imagine how long these all took to put together, they've put a lot of work into the whole package, I prefer labels to pull their finger out and do something cool like this rather than just to stuff the records in a mailer and send it out without even a note of thanks.
Red out of 680
Pink vinyl, #28/225
Black swirl out of 320, this came with the Kasner cover
To top it off, the mailer was spray stencilled inside so you can keep the records in their own box, icing on the cake or what?
Finally, just for shits and gigs, a shot of everything that came in the set.  The good news is there's about 4 more records in the series to come, cannot wait.
Edit, I noticed this the other night while having a listening session, the label on the A side smells like maple syrup, but not the B side.  Now that's weird.  Not as weird as you think I am now though, you probably think I smell every piece of vinyl before I put it on the turntable, normally that wouldn't be the case, but this time it is.  My buddy Dan actually noticed it, I think he wanted to eat the pink vinyl, it kind of looks tasty in a 5 years old chewing everything brightly coloured kind of way.  

Integrity - Septic Death [Victory]

This is a weird one (unusual for an Integrity record to be described as unusual isn't it?), this is basically two Septic Death tracks with Dwid's vocals recorded in place of the original vocals.  Originally given away with copies of a zine called Bloodbook, Victory did a repress of it on white, clear and black.  This is the second record I got from the missus as a birthday present.  The vinyl has a whisp of white in it on the edge, this would suggest that this was made just after the white records and the flecks of white are leftovers from that run.  I like it when that happens, I think the term is transitional records.  My copy hasn't got an insert, I think the original dude must have lost it or something, don't know how though, I've never lost something like that, but then again, I'm not retarded.

Integrity / Psywarfare - Split [Victory]

I got this one last week as part of a set of two for my birthday as a gift from the girlfriend, she knows the score.  This one is probably the only record I know I've got the full set instantly because the whole press was on these picture discs.  Two tracks from Integrity and two from Psywarfare (Dwid's side project).  The Integ tracks on this 7" are earlier recordings of a couple from 'Seasons In The Size Of Days' which is one of the full lengths that I still think is up there as some of their best work.  Apparently the photo on the Psywarfare side was taken by Jack Abernathy, that guy is mysterious isn't he.  The cool thing about the Psywarfare side is that it has locking grooves at the end of each track which is the same groove every record has at the end of each side, funny how Victory even mentioned that on the front sticker to make sure people didn't whinge they had a faulty record.