Thursday, 2 September 2010

xDisciplex - The Revelation [Organised Crime]

Mad love for this group, I've posted a couple of times about how much I dig them, this is not going to be any different.  This is the final full length, came out in about '03, they stripped down to a 4-piece this time and the sound is less breakdown heavy and much faster than previous efforts.  If truth be told I think I prefer this one to the earlier stuff, especially vocally, gone are the raspy grunting vocal style from the 'No Blood, No Altar Now' era and in are a more shouty style, almost as if Dan Quiggle is doing an impression of Ray Cappo for want of a better comparison.  I didn't know this got a vinyl release as the CD was on Triple Crown who did the last Shockwave record and that didn't get a vinl release so I assumed they jibbed the idea off.  That's where Organised Crime steps in, it's one of the dudes who used to work at Victory since the good old days and he started his own label, this is OCR002.  I've got a 3-way live split 7" with The Promise and Terror from ages ago that I didn't realise was on this label, looking at the discog they've been putting out pretty good shit since the beginning.  So this Disciple record came on 3 colours, all with screen printed covers, they're not the full sleeve kind, but the ones that are a folded sheet of card with a third height back, I've not got any LP's with this kind of cover, plenty of 7"s though.  They're all hand numbered out of 750, according to the OCR site they had a lot more covers made up than records, I guess it was a printing error or something, wouldn't mind having one of the spare ones to frame.

I didn't think I'd be getting anything special other than the three LP's but when I opened the package I actually got one of the 50 final show covers.  I remember them announcing the show and there was serious debate whether I should make the trip to Erie to attend, I kind of wish I did but I was broke, cry me a river.
Front cover:
Back (47/50, tight):
The final show cover is out of 50 and the white vinyl that comes with it is out of 108.
Grey out of 105
Red out of 700
This is the back of the regular cover, the lyrics are on an A4 copied cover, the whole package has a real DIY vibe going on, it's a good choice.  Makes for a more individual look in the end I think.  My Disciple collection is coming along nicely, I'll have 4 different versions of the Scarab 7" soon too, I only have two at the moment.
It's getting to the point where I have enough Disciple vinyl to be able to take a photo of the whole collection, there are still a few gems I need to seek out before I do though, it'd be embarassing to take a photo with an easy to find one missing wouldn't it.

Sabbath Assembly - Restored To One [The Ajna Offensive & Feral House]

Bit of a strange one this, we're digging into the neo gospel genre here I guess.  These are all recordings of a bunch of songs the processians used to sing in their gatherings in the late 60's/early 70's.  Basically if you're into the Process Church and read up on this sort of stuff then you'll dig it, Aversion did a review of the record here that gives more of the back story to how this came to be and who was involved in the recording, I suggest you read that too.

Gold vinyl, when I ordered it I guessed what they meant was clear orange which is always referred to as gold vinyl but this is opaque metallic brown, or a true gold vinyl colour.  I used to own a Deftones 7" single for Be Quiet And Drive that was this colour, completely forgot about it until I saw this record, I used to love nu-metal back in '98, not H8000 metalcore like I should have been into.  What a loser.
Artwork is minimal for sure, it's all gold text on a white background, no 4p logos or any Process images of any kind, it keeps it mysterious.  The card that the sleeve is made out of is probably the thickest I've ever seen on an LP, it's almost like a bound book and the record barely fits inside, good job it's not 180 vinyl or I doubt it would fit at all.  The picture I took kind of shows how thick the card is, the sleeve isn't even one piece of card folded into shape like a regular record, it's two pieces with a kind of glossy sticker covering holding it all together.  

Haven't been able to stop listening to this record since finding out about it, constant rotation on both my ipod and record player, the songs are so catchy I find myself humming them at work.  I hope I don't start singing them out loud in the office though, people might think I'm one of those religious ones, you know, the ones who knock on your door and give you leaflets about saving your soul.  No one can save mine, I lost it when I laughed at that picture of Jordan's kid.