Sunday, 1 August 2010

The Movielife - This Time Next Year [Revelation]

It's a Sunday, I'm up early and the record player is on!  I'm in the mood for some earlys 00's style pop punk today, with this being in my top 5 pop punk/summer records I couldn't resist the 'Life.  I picked this piece up at Beachfest in Westgate in 2001. I think I spent way too much on vinyl that day, it was the Ignition distro's fault, I took £100 because I knew there was a shit tonne of bands I liked so logic would suggest the merch on offer would be plentiful, turns out I literally spunked the whole lot on vinyl, the only CD being the Thirty Seconds Until Armageddon demo.  That day marked the last time I ever saw Anthem Of The Century and it was my favourite xCanaan set (Gehenna MAde FLesh played in it's entirety plus Last Breath by Hatebreed, crushing).

Regarding Movielife, people tend to prefer the EP and LP that came out after this record, probably because by then they'd signed with Drive Thru and were a buzz band in all the music mags.  IT's a weird one, they put out a full length before this, it wasn't the best thing ever, the 7" and the split with ExNumberFive play like demos to the Rev record.  What I love most about TTNY (other than Jason Mazzolla from Count Me Out guesting on the third track on side B) is that each side has an opener and ender.  It's almost as if you could slap it on the deck  without looking at which side you put on and it sounds like the record is starting from the beginning.  Cave In's Jupiter record works like this with me too.

I don't know the pressing info on this, I got it just after I read a review for it in Fracture zine (remember that?), so it's first press, out of how many is beyond me.  Actually I remember there being a sticker on the plastic wrap saying something about a revelations colour club or some bullshit, I ripped it off in true noob style, so that is lost in a landfill somewhere.