Friday, 10 September 2010

Ancient VVisdom / Charles Manson - Split [Withdrawal]

I know a few people that found it hilarious that Charles Manson was still releasing music, I guess to Joe public it could be a little strange but he's getting those recordings out of the joint for our listening pleasure and that's all that matters to me.  Ancient VVisdom is the new band of ex Integrity/Final Plan member N. Jochum, it sounds like a doomy folk Danzig.  The two tracks on this are so good, check this out right away.  The Manson tracks are similar in style to the ones on the Holy Terror 7" Dwid put out earlier this year, half poetry based songs, half jam, pure Charlie.  All of the tracks are on one side of the LP and side B is just smooth.  I assume this was a little too long to fit on both sides of a 7", I'm cool with that.  Artwork is by Charlie's friend Star, I like it, reminds me of some awesome pagan ritual or something.  This came on 4 colours, 3 of which you can get from the Withdrawal records store, the other direct from the bands.

Mixed out of 306.  This is that standard colour you get sometimes, it's like a bit of everything chucked in to randomly get a colour, I think some plants give you a deal on using this because they get to recycle old cut offs or something.  It looks kinda sucky but it works.
Red out of 151.  My favourite of the variants, it's cool how there's some black swirls going on there too, I picked one up for Ben SK at the same time and his one is different in that the black is less prominent but still there.  I'm guessing that a lot of these were splattered with black after the main black press was finished.
Blue out of 57.  This one I had to get direct from a band, in this case one of the ATWA stores Charlie has one of his helpers set up.  
The other variant is black out of 366, we all know what that looks like so I took a closer shot of the label.  Those in the know will get it.
These look pretty tight as a collection, kind of pissed I didn't pick up all of the Charlie 7"s from HT, cannot wait for more AVV music, two songs just doesn't cut it.  They have another track on the myspace page, go have a listen, you know how to use google.

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