Friday, 24 September 2010

Burning Love - Songs For Burning Lovers [Deranged]

I started to lose hope of receiving this in the post, this package took 7 weeks to cross the pond from Canada, I had faith however as my birthday card from the old dear was a few weeks late and she said she'd posted it at least 3 weeks before I officially became old this year.  Now I'm not ashamed to admit I stole the mp3 versions of this from the internet, I'd already handed over the money to Deranged Records for the vinyl so it isn't stealing.  I love how I justified my illegal activity, sue me.  I make no secret about my addiction with this band at the moment, the demo rocked my socks, it's pure energy.  The LP has a few tracks from the demo on it which is good for me, I fear change and having a few older tracks eases me into the listening experience.  Musically the new songs aren't much of a departure from the demo material, they come across like a dirtier punk rock version of Queens Of The Stone age, whichh isn't a bad thing eh.

I don't know the exact numbers for each record but I know the red is the most limited, with a bunch of these being sold by the band.  White is the middle amount and standard black is the regular common record.

The red is actually a little transparent, I thought it was just solid red at first, it's not see through like when a black record is so piss thin that it looks clear.  I like that the labels on one of the sides is a kind of generic one that you'd get on records in the 60's, I've not got many records from Deranged so can't find out if they do this for many others, would be cool if this is a kind of standard thing though.

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