Friday, 13 August 2010

Rot In Hell - Sins Of Malice [Hemlock 13]

It's becoming increasingly obvious that there was a period of a couple of years where I didn't buy any music on vinyl due to a deadbeat job, my music collection consisted of mp3's and CD's burnt from mates.  Not ideal but needs must when the ends don't meet.  Nowadays I'm in a shit hot IT job with a disposable income that I could only have dreamed of at 18 years of age.  Handsome and rich, well, one of those anyway.  One record I didn't get round to ordering was the Rot In Hell demo 7", I copied it off an old friend to have the songs sure, I kick myself for not snapping up a copy of the vinyl when Nate got round to pressing it on wax.  Other records I missed out on shall be posted on here when I get round to picking them up at prices up to 5 times the band originally sold them for.  Sickening isn't it.

Musically it's Rot In Hell at they're infancy (yeah, I know it's the demo) and I think they work best as a
stripped down clevo worship band, they haven't lost this edge in their more recent material (no pun intended), which is why the current genereation of bands on both sides of the Atlantic look up to and admire their music.  The Meanstreak cover is top notch, it's not often I know the cover but this one was bang on target, I was fortunate enough to get given a copy of the Only The Strong 7" from my girlfriend as I was just getting into hardcore.  The Clevo side has been good to me ever since, best comp ever?  It's definitely up there.

Packaging wise this is superb, hand stamped and numbered disco bag (25/219), spray stencilled b-side and disco bag and screen printed cover which folds like you would fold up a box when you move house.  Lots of work went into this, which is why it is worthy of the price tag it's been accruing recently on ebay.  On the subject of spraying records, this reminds me of a comical day back in 2003, twas the day Terror played in Canterbury, the first time they played in the UK, Lowest Of The Low had just been pressed on vinyl from Reflections and they hadn't put out any generic samey records with uninspired riffs and boring lyrics.  But I digress, The Break In demo had just come back from Ben Phillips on a master disc the night before and we had to get these demos made up ready for the show that evening.  So all five of us were tasked with either burning CD's on Anton's lame ass CD drive, spraying the on body art, cutting up the brown paper or spraying the covers.  #29 was a 3 story townhouse we all used to live/hang out at, for one day only it was a finely tuned demo making facility, the only problem being that as we were spraying in rooms on the first and second floors there wasn't enough ventilation which made the day a little more fun than usual.  All of a sudden Anton and Burrows' impressions of Beyonce and general fucking about were that little bit funnier, turns out we were pretty high on the fumes.  Involuntary edge break?  Or a bunch of 20 year olds not paying attention to the safety instructions on the car undercoat spray paint bottles?  4 out of 5 members would go with the former, I say it was an accident.  SxFxEx

Note to any bands out there today, this is how you put together a decent record, put some fucking effort into it or fuck off.

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