Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Take Courage - Black Is The Colour, None Is The Number

Another one from some local lads, no abbreviations attached to this lot but worth your time regardless.  This tape is super limited to 20 copies, I picked one up at a show last week but the band still have them available, maybe the fact that it is recordings from a lineup that is only 50% of the one they are right now, maybe it's because people don't know enough about them?  Either way this should have sold out in a day.  Recorded earlier this year, this was apparantly meant to be released on 7" bu the band wanted to record new songs with the new lineup so gave this recording the limited release on tape and put the tracks up for free download on mediafire (which you should get now).  Musically I'd say they're somewhere between This Is Hell and Raise The White Flag, fast and heavy yet pissed off and punk as fuck.  They really impressed me at Hevy fest this past weekend, I definitely see a band with a new lease of life, the next 7" should be killer.

The tape itself is classic Fist In The Air, (I say classic because the SK CD's were sprayed in  metric fuck tonne of different colours) it's sprayed with black and copper paint and resembles a plasterers radio if he was also a grafitti artist.  No lyrics or anything, you've just got a front cover and a list of the songs, job done.  Go order a copy from FITA Records.

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