Monday, 6 September 2010

The View

I seemed to have a bit of a problem building up this summer of records being strewn around the house in various rooms.  The kitchen had a few on top of the microwave, there were some around the TV in the living room and my spare even had a couple of 7"s in there, the record player and all round musical mecca is in the bedroom.  I've successfully turned the far end of the room from an empty space into my own man cave.  I got a few more boxes from the mother in law and decided it was time to get them all in the same place within arms reach of the record player so I can listen to them a little easier, they shouldn't really live downstairs where I have to bring a pile up whenever I need them.  No, for a real session I need to cover the floor with so many records that the god awful mustard coloured carpet of my nice little rented maisonette can't even be seen.  So this picture is basically what I can see from the chair next to the stereo, everything is in order. I give it two weeks before the place looks like a shit tip again and I can't find anything.

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