Friday, 3 September 2010

Integrity / Psywarfare - Split [Victory]

I got this one last week as part of a set of two for my birthday as a gift from the girlfriend, she knows the score.  This one is probably the only record I know I've got the full set instantly because the whole press was on these picture discs.  Two tracks from Integrity and two from Psywarfare (Dwid's side project).  The Integ tracks on this 7" are earlier recordings of a couple from 'Seasons In The Size Of Days' which is one of the full lengths that I still think is up there as some of their best work.  Apparently the photo on the Psywarfare side was taken by Jack Abernathy, that guy is mysterious isn't he.  The cool thing about the Psywarfare side is that it has locking grooves at the end of each track which is the same groove every record has at the end of each side, funny how Victory even mentioned that on the front sticker to make sure people didn't whinge they had a faulty record.

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