Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Yo Listen Up, This Is Another Lockin Out Exlusive...

The Wrong Side - Dumptruck Demo [Trip Machine Laboratories]
I posted a week or so about The Wrong Side, before I scored that LP I put a pre-order in for the Dumptruck demo, it was one of those whee you order so long before it comes out you forget it's coming until it slips in through the old letterbox. I didn't go all out and get the black wax too but managed to score one of the 150 on clear green. It's the Dumptruck demo on side A and a live set on side B.
I got number 85, makes a change to get something limited, good to see a label stamping their records and individually numbering pre-orders.  Delivery came with a bunch of stickers too, standard.

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