Thursday, 25 March 2010

Shockwave This, Shockwave That...

I got three records through the post from ebay last week, combined before shipping they came to less than a tenner. Result.

The first was Shockwaves 'Dominicon' LP on Goodlife. I've been meaning to pick this up on LP for a while but never got round to it, when I snapped one up for £2.24 it made my week. This record has two tracks off the 7" on SA MOB and one track from the demo tape (still need to find this, I will own it one day). Plenty of awesome transformers samples all the way through, in fact every track has one without fail!

The record itself is a kind of murky green which goes with the artwork nicely, it sounds dirty as fuck too.

the one thing that narks me is this:

The insert is just the one from the CD version! I hate it when that happens, it's like they're being real lazy, vinyl is about having bigger artwork not a shitty CD sized booklet in a 12" record. Bad dog.

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