Thursday, 25 March 2010

"Live In Sin, Fight To Win"

The riffs. My god this record brings the riffs. I loved Hellmouth when that dropped, listened to it constantly, while it's a solid release, I couldn't help thinking it was a little under-developed. It's no way a bad thing, I mean this is hardcore and nothing is new under the sun but when a song is literally note for note a rip off of Integrity's 'Vocal Test' it's noticeable.

Into Oblivion is a band in their prime, both writing/recording wise and live. R&F around this period smashed it so hard. Now I get to finally own the record on vinyl. I'm pleased Deathwish pressed this as my CD has been sitting in a cupboard since I ripped it for my ipod just after getting it so now I'll get a chance to give the artwork my full attention.

I'm not a big fan of Bannon's aartwork, he seems to just churns out the same covers with different main images. But Into Oblivion is just so striking, definitely a favourite of his, there are the trademark splatters but the idea of Jesus' skull with the crown of thorns is a good one, the insert on this record is literally a copy of the CD version but 12" size, opening out to be three wide, to be honest I'd like to frame this, there's only text on the bottom third of the last square, I'd get away with that.

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