Saturday, 27 March 2010

My Walls Surround Me Now

Integrity. I love this band, but it has to be said I don't own much of their shit on vinyl. Save for the odd compilation or split record the main albums/EP's are either long out of print or hard to get hold of and go for a shit tonne on ebay.

Crime Scene records are starting off re-releasing all their out of print records starting with 1990's In Contrast Of Sin. Over the course of the year they will be releasing "Those Who Fear Tomorrow", "Systems Overload", "Humanity is the Devil", and "Seasons in the Size of Days." Cannot wait, if they all get the same attention as this it'll be a nice little collection.

This record is less brooding and evil than their later 90's efforts but the seed is securely planted making this an excellent bridge record between the '88 old school sound and the 90's metalcore that Earth Crisis and Integ would carve for themselves.

The package here is phenomenal. Stephen Kasner silver on black screenprinted pre-order cover reinterpreting the original art, hand stamped record bag, fold out insert and the non-preorder colour has an Integ sticker on the plastic bag. Oh and the limited cover was 208/320. Tight.

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