Sunday, 28 March 2010

She's Got To Go

Lifetime, I bought their "Hello Bastards" CD at the first hardcore show I went to back in 2000. I'd heard they were the band that influenced Saves The Day and I'd heard a bunch of songs from that band from people playing their records at parties and shit, so I couldn't pass up the band that gave them their sound could I? Suffice to say it was a classic record and my love affair with Lifetime had been started.

Fast forward to 2006 and Lifetime had reformed, recorded a new full length and were coming over to the UK in October for 3 shows (2 of which I attended and sang my bloody heart out at). Decaydance were tasked with releasing this new Lifetime record, simply self titled, but I didn't buy it on CD, just a cheeky download with the knowledge my LP order weas in the post so I'd have the lyrics etc when it turns up. It comes through my door and guess what? No lyrics sheet, cheers Pete Wentz. So since then I've been reduced to lyrics websites to decipher Ari Katz' distorted ramblings.

A few weeks back I found out that No Idea Records were repressing their last 3 full lengths on colour vinyl. This excited me, more for the lyrcs insert than anything. So I snapped up the s/t LP with plans to order "Jersey's Best Dancers" and "Hello Bastards" at another time. Really I should have ordered all 3 at the same time as they're only $8 each and shipping would work out cheaper in bulk, oh well, nice colour vinyl though.

If a band reforms they usually just do it for a farewell tour and in the case olf old sxe bands they sound deflated and old, but Lifetime felt like they never split, everything about them live and on the new record is pure late 90's emotional hardcore. I now own two copies on two different labels, the colour hue of the cover art is slightly different on each version, I think I prefer the original ink but it's nothing drastic between the two. People should get hold of this record, according to my it's my most listened record of all time!

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