Thursday, 25 March 2010

"Through Prides Eyes I See Your Downfall"

The third bargain I bagged was xDisciplex A.D.'s 'Heaven & Hell' record on white vinyl courtesy of Facedown records.

I love Disciple and this record is a banger but I can't help thinking Dan Quiggles voice was either under strain from a sore throat on the recording or he was trying to change from the more visceral growl of the earlier stuff to the style he had on 'The Revelation' LP and the final 7". Either way it's still a good record, plenty or Lake Effect riffs and gang vocals. This is how mosh hardcore should be played, take note 2010 bands.

The insert is brilliant, Dave Quiggle artwork so it's going to be special, I particularly like the bit where, oh, is that Sketch's arm tattoo there? Didn't know he was a Disciple fan. Oh, he wasn't when he got it, I need a Disciple tattoo.

I've just ordered their last LP from Organised Crime records on all 3 colours, it's my personal favourite record they did, let it be said that I prefer their later work and not the first 7". I didn't realise they pressed it on vinyl as the CD was on Facedown so it was a nice surprise when I came across it when ordering an Integrity 7".

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