Thursday, 18 March 2010

The beggining: Rise & Fall Demo 7"

So I decided to start a blog, really I wanted to post a whole bunch of stuff about what records I've been listening to, I like vinyl, so here goes.

I got the Rise & Fall demo 7" through this week, this is a trip down memory lane I can tell you.

It's the first release on Control Records, a limited 500 pressing, looking on their site today it seems the label themselves have sold out of their copies but there are going to be a bunch on distros and other labels sites soon. Pretty good going for a first release, but if you're mates with R&F it's pretty much a no brainer for a debut record if you ask me.

Pressing info ctrl-01:
16 test pressing sleeve / white stamped label / numbered
100 red wax / mailorder sleeve / numbered
400 black wax / regular sleeve
1 red-black split wax / regular sleeve
3 red-black swirl wax / regular sleeve

I picked up the red and the black copies, different artwork for each colour record too which is pretty cool, plus the plastic sleeve has a sticker in the top right simply stating "Rise & Fall demo 2003 Control Records number 1." Minimalist. Inside there's the usual lyrics gumph wuth liner notes from Murph and Bjorn, plus the cover of the original tape demo.

Anyways, when I said this record is a trip down memory lane I really meant it. I picked up a copy of this tape in 2003 when The Break In played H8000 fest that year with R&F, Walls Of Jericho and plenty of bands who I forget, mind you one band covered Davidian by Machinehead and me, Frye and Scott White ran into the main room and literally lost our shit. Great dane. BUt yeah I picked up the demo tape and a shirt (just the stanard R&F text, silver print, Seb SK now owns that baby), after being impressed enough the last 2 times I saw them to purchase a demo (this happens not that often bear in mind).

We listened to the tape on the way home, everyone loved it, just so dark and in your face, the vocals were much different to what Bjorn was doing in The Deal and it felt like we were listening to something really special. Incidentally, we ended up getting the same ferry as Knuckledust and 50 Caliber as they played some fest in Holland. Those dudes are fucking insane! The R&F demo lasted a few months, but my Escort chewed the bastard up, luckily I got a spare copy from Hannah who was dating Bjorn at the time, so I lucked out there. So did the kid who bought the cassette off me on ebay for 15 quid!

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