Saturday, 8 May 2010

He Goat Appears

CURSED - I [Deathwish]
Time for a post about records. When I learned that my man
Simpson was moving away to a dockside town and flogging off his whole collection (minus the No Warning. Obviously), I was straight on that shit. Sure there are a few other gems I'd like to take of his hands but what's a brother gonna do? I gotta eat. Anyway, I've been into this Cursed band since they put the first record out on Deathwish and I've enjoyed them enough to listen to them on my ipod on copied files I borrowed from friends but for some reason never purchased anything on vinyl. Why you might ask? I don't honestly know, maybe it was the shipping costs from the states, maybe I just didn't want to pick up the most common colour. For whatever reason I fail. This is the most common colour, it's your standard white affair, nothing special, but I like a nice white 12" (yeah, yeah), it looks very clean and goes with any style of artwork. On the subject of artwork, take note people, this is a perfect example in the effectiveness of simplicity. It's simple, intricate and dare I say beautiful in it's design, but also they took the time to include full lyrics, no band should omit this detail, the lyrics are the soul of the band, especially in a genre where words can get lost, the lyrics sheet draws a listener into the record, and with a lyricist like Colohan on board you are in for a treat. More posts on my Simpson goldmine soon.

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