Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Cancelations And Expectations

I kind of knew the volcano ash from Iceland would stop Sunny and Saves The Day from coming over and this morning I woke up to confirmation of the fact. It's been rescheduled for May 31st but who knows if STD will be on the bill. Gives me time to save up for the double LP represses of Diary and LP2 then eh.

Live music wise the shows that I'm looking forward to over the next couple of months are pretty much limited to both May bank holidays. May 1st Santa Karla are playing Brussels with Oathbreaker, Daggers and Narrows. I'm beyond excited about this, three bands I'm digging more and more every day and it'll be the 4th time we've played with Oathbreaker, that band destroy it live.

The other show is technically two but they're on the same day, it's Dirty Money's final show at the Underworld in London with plenty of cool bands including Cold Snap and The Down & Outs, it's been way too long since I caught The Outs live. Add to that the fact that Rot In Hell and *&*^%!$£ are playing the Old Blue Last in Shoreditch at midnight and you've got one hell of a day. The Rot In Hell show is rumoured (and I mean rumoured) to be a release show, fingers crossed the RIH split 7" is available then, I've got the pre-order on lock down but a release show version would be a nice touch. One day of awesome hangouts with a whole bunch of people I haven't seen for bloody ages.

My band is in the process of sorting out a very nice little record too, people don; dig on us in a buzz kind of way but we do alright for a bunch of dudes careering into their 30's playing metal in a hardcore band. All I'll say is the word vinyl and split.

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