Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Everyone Knows Your Name, Nobody Knows Your Face

The Wrong Side - Of The Grave (Lockin' Out)
So back in '03/'04 I was hanging out with some crucial dudes outta Leeds, one of them reccommended me this band Dumptruck who that year had hijacked the end of Mental's set at Posi Numbers fest and played their demo, I was curious to check it out. Couldn't pick up the demo tape as this was on Lockin' Out Records and as we all know, everything that label put out in the early/mid 00's sold out quicker than a new mysterious Integrity pre-order. So I soulseeked it, we all do it, so don't act like you're shocked. It's 4 tracks, dancy as fuck and I loved it. They changed their name to The Wrong Side and like a chump I was broke at the time, working a shitty minimum wage job that didn't give me full time hours and I barely had enough money to make rent let alone bills. Boo hoo, so I didn't snag this on vinyl either, my loss, but I did still pick it up from Soulseek.

This brings me to last month, when I snag another LP off Simpson. I've never actually perused the artwork before so it was good to see what sort of asthetic they were going for, I've been listening to it again recently and I still remember all the words and it makes me mosh in my front room, I think this and the first Righteous Jams LP are some of my favourites in this genre of the 00's. Stoked I've got it on vinyl.


  1. Oh Duggan you are SOOOO early 00s with your soulseeking! It's all about Mediafire these days ;)


  2. Oh I mediafire now! Haven't even loaded soulseek since about '08 maybe? Knocked Limewire on the head years before that too