Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Right Brigade - S/T [Stillborn]

A little while back, batween last December and now, I found out that Stillborn records (Run by Jamie HAtebreed) were selling off a bunch of records real cheap. One of the records that was going cheap was the Integrity/Hatebreed 7" which i already owned, the thing was, to clear a bit of space they were giving away a free record with every order and the Right Brigade 7" was one of those free records. 

The record is on pink vinyl, which I have no clue as to what the pressing info is, but for such a hard band, pink wax is an ironic choice and I for one like the choice.  

 If you haven't listened to Right BRigade yet, I suggest you do, they didn't get as much hype as some of the other bands from Boston around the early 00's, but more current UK bands like Cold Snap took a lot of influence from these guys.  Definitely worth your time, they did an LP on Revelation which is a banger too, I picked that up when I ran a distro in '02/'03.

I've neglected this blog of late, mostly because I haven't been buying as much vinyl and mostly saving for a big move next month, but I have been buying the odd gem, over the next few weeks I'll get back into posting again.

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  1. We all thought you had died. Good to have you back.

    I think this 7" was pressed as follows:

    1st press - 1000 on white vinyl (with 200 in a limited sleeve)
    2nd press - 700 on pink vinyl

    However, I got one which is undoubtedly red not pink a couple of years ago. Probably just a result of colour mixing rather than an intended or known variant. It's on my blog if you search for right brigade.