Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Withdrawal - Unknown Misery [Wendigo]

Another from the A389 distro, I've only got this one on black so I thought it'd be cool to have a second copy on gold.  This one comes with a lyrics sheet unlike my other copy, but instead of a card cover it's a paper cover, both are colour photocopies.  I think I may copy the lyric sheet for the black record, it's better than nothing, is that the done thing? 

Haven't a clue on the pressing info for this, I guess the guys pressed it on their own label as a demo or something, it used to be that colour vinyl was rarer than black but these days a few labels use black as the rare colour, pretty weird but I can understand that.  People want to buy a record more if it's on a cool colour, if there's less black record to shift then there's less risk of being left with 10 boxes of something and more chance of shifting them on the unsuspecting newbie vinyl buying public.

Go buy a copy of this record, support Canadian.

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  1. Mine never came with any lyrics, would you mind posting some of the lyrics somewhere? That'd be sick.