Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Disciple - Scarab [S.A. Mob]

I got an order through from Lord Dom over at A389 today, the main reason I did the order was for the new live Rot In Hell LP (but we'll get to that later), so I decided to pad out the delivery with a few more records to make the delivery price from the states seem a little more worth it. Of course the more records you add, the more the postage gets so I ended up spending more anyway, what a tit.

The Scarab 7", an early slice of Disciple and one of my go to records since I first found them all those years back. For ages I only had it on first pressing black and gold but this week I ended up with another 2 copies, the other being one from SiegexPerilous which I'll post about when I can get a decent light source in my house. By decent light source I mean when the clouds go clear just enough for me to be able to shoot the records I picked up at the CTW fest at the weekend.
This is the final press version that SA MOB pressed in around '06, EMS did this and the Shockwave 7" at the same time, I didn't bother getting either of them as at the time I was a pauper and multiple copies of the same record didn't appeal as much to me. I guess the nerd in me hadn't reached full maturity by then.

Artwork is largely the same, slightly different card for the insert but nothing has been touched, even the name has stayed the same, for those not in the know, they added the x's to the name later on as there was, obviouosly, another christian band called Disciple, the A.D. was added just before the Heaven And Hell LP. This pressing is out of 581, there's 17 on smokey mix which is the transition colours between the black (out of 2!) and clear. I think the chances of me finding the balck from this press are pretty remote, but not impossible.

I'm doing this post whilst at work on a nice overnight shift and haven't got the rest of the records to hand, but I know I'm missing the following six records out of the complete set of 10:

First press:
Test /3
Green #ed w/ merry christmas written on the label /101
Blue w/ yellow labels /102

Second press:
Test /5
Black /2
Smokey mix /17

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