Wednesday, 4 August 2010

I'm Staying, I'm Finishing My Coffee

This one is not records, but my other passion, The Big Lebowski.  If you haven't seen it, you can pick it up on DVD for £3 these days, you could do worse than buying yourself a copy and watching it every week.  My girlfriend gave me this little package this morning, purely because I am an awesome boyfriend, I think it should have been a birthday present, she gets a little overexcited about trivial dates on the calendar.  So the box has everything a Lebowski fan could need:
  • Coffee mug with Walter and The Dude on it.
  • A 'Little Lebowki Urban Achievers' certificate, this is getting framed today.
  • A 'Dude Abides' fridge magnet
  • A mini book full of quotes, none of which I didn't know, obviously.
  • 'The Dude' bowling patch
  • A severed toe (with nail polish)
  • Finally, a rug mousemat to really tie the room together.
I'm off to make me a cup of coffee, watch the movie and tell that Donnie to shut the fuck up.

xJeffrey Lebowskix

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