Saturday, 14 August 2010

Biter End - Guilty As Charged [Deathwish Inc]

Picked this up last night, all dayer in CT, bunch of good bands, bit of an unplanned break in the middle, Trial cover and hangouts.  Good shit.  I'd heard these guys before the show but hadn't paid a lot of attention to them, maybe they'd been on in the van or someone put them on during Monday night hangouts.  Live they have plenty of energy and the crowd were losing their shit.

The LP cover is reverse printed, I've got a few of these now and if my band ever gets something pressed on 12" then I'm going to make sure we get this.  Basically the shiny side which is normally on the outside is on the inside giving the outside a matt effect, it's the little details that make a record.

The vinyl colour (maroon) is out of 1000, the total first press was 2000 with the other half split 300/700, kinda cool I got to buy a Deathwish record direct from the band, most of the time it comes via my awful mailman.
Insert is thick card stock too, basically the kind of quality you expect from this label, no expense spared.  I've been spinning this all morning, recommended.

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