Sunday, 12 February 2012

Blood Ceremony - Living With The Ancients [Rise Above]

I got this double LP for Christmas, I’m on a catch up tip at the moment.  I’d never heard of this Toronto group until it was announced that Ancient VVisdom were going on tour with them and Ghost so I decided to check them out as I literally know of no other band that are similar to AVV and I’m willing to check out any band with a female vocalist in case it blows me away as much as Rose Kemp did when I first heard her.  Whilst Blood Ceremony didn’t hit me for six like Rose did, they certainly got my attention when I hear lyrics about the great god Pan and the flute solos dotted about the record, colour me interested. 
Anyways, I got this for Christmas off the missus, not knowing if it’d come on colour or what, turns out it was the green vinyl version and it’s a double gatefold too, bonus.  The Rise Above pressing info lists all of the variant colours as out of 300, the band didn’t have any copies with them when I caught them live in Toronto last month so good job I managed to get this one from the record store.
The band themselves look like they’re straight out of the 60’s, one of them needs to admit the fact he’s not as thick on top anymore and shave it while the singer does a good job of channelling Kate Bush’s moves on stage.

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