Saturday, 14 January 2012

2012, The End Of The World?

I haven't been updating this blog nearly as much as I'd have liked in 2011 and looking forward to 2012 I'm planning to update as much as I can.  My situation has changed considerably since this time last year, I'm currently kicking it in Canada until the end of summer so I haven't got my record player with me and I'm trying to travel light so haven't been picking up nearly as many records as I would do if I was safe and cozy in Blighty.  What I have been doing however is picking up records that I couldn't pass up, be it super limited pre-orders of mysterious records or band only copies at shows over the border in the States so I have amassed a whole host of stuff I can update with over the coming weeks.  There's also a whole host of stuff I've ordered from the UK that I have just sitting at the Mother in law's front room that I'll have waiting for me later in the year so I'll hopefully be blogging about those too.  I'm driving the 9+ hours to Baltimore next weekend to the A389 FANiversary bash which I already know will be clearing me out of what little money I've been able to save since I've been in Canada. 

So that's it, I've been slack but it will be kicked into gear again, in the meantime check out my tumblr blog which is full of plenty of random crap and reblogs of mildly amusing memes and Danzig photos.

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