Monday, 18 October 2010

Unbroken - Re-issue Re-package Re-evaluate The Songs [Indecision]

I picked up this baby from the Unfbroken reunion show in London this weekend, I honestly never thought I'd get to see them play seeing as they originally split a few years before I even knew what hardcore was and I never had the money to front to get to one of the reunions they did in the states.  I'm not going to say anything more than it was truly mind blowing, an unforgettable set.

The record itself is essentially the two LP's and the comp of rarities packaged together on the same colour wax in an interesting triple LP gatefold.  I've not got any 3xLP's so it's all new to me this double fold out lark.  Pressing is out of 300, pressed for the show, when I picked up my copy it was just before they hit the stage and the dude doing merch said there was only a few left.  I could see from the pile of empty crushed boxes at the side of the table that they'd shifted a fair chunk of them.  The show was a hefty mix of british and euro dudes, so these will have a good spread across the continent from direct sales let alone the amount of people who'll be flipping it on ebay thinking they'll be in for a sure thing.  If I were to get rid of mine it'd be for xDisciplex records, or a Shockwave demo tape, just sayin'.  I was a click or two away from ordering this from the Indecision site a couple of months back on clear vinyl, definitely preferable to a raspberry ripple feel but this was less hassle to get.  I'm all for getting multiple colours but considering I missed the original press and add to that the fact it's a discography I'm happy to leave this as a one off.  My bank balance is grateful for this decision no doubt.

Check out this shot from the inside foldover, if you missed the London reunion then this is representative of what you missed out on.  
Listen to this band if you haven't already, I'd go so far as to say they are life changing.


  1. I was stoked to get one of these... until I got home and opened it and saw the disgusting colour of the vinyl. Oh well. Nice to have a momento of the show I guess.

    Oh yeah, I spoke to a dude from the band today, who confirmed that all copies sold out. Even though it looks horible, selling 300 triple LPs in one evening (to the tune of 6 grand) is pretty impressive going.

  2. I agree the colour is bad, selling 300 of those at one show is mind blowing. All for a good cause, I spoke to Rob at a Narrows show in Brussells just after easter and he explained the different places the money they raised is going. I think that made the show even more special and enjoyable.