Friday, 9 April 2010

The Promise

RINGWORM - The Promise [A389]

Deathwish reissued this 1993 classic on it's 10th anniversary with a whole bunch of demo ad live tracks, new artwork and a nice package it was too. No vinyl though. Step in A389 then, gatefold, original artwork and if you pre-ordered this beast you got the demo on 7" too. I didn't, but shipping from the states is always a stinger so I couldn't commit at the time. Wish I did though. There was also a limited edition that came with a zine, again I didn't spring for that sadly.

You can't deny the impact this album had on the whole hardcore scene, coupled with Earth Crisis and Integrity these guys helped to fashion the heavier side of hardcore in the 90's, also The Promise took their name from this record, obviously.

Just go order it from A389, or from a distro/record store, it is insanely good.

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